Medium bodied dry red wine. Deep ruby red colour with ripe BlackBerry and undertones of coco and vanilla flavours. Balanced and soft on the palate. Smooth acidity and soft tannin. Oaked in French oak for a smooth finish with hints of spice.


Some wines are meant for GREATNESS. And for these wines only ONE name will do.

Moeng One is crafted for the “crazy ones”. The ones who see things differently. Those that have no respect for the status quo. You can’t ignore them because they challenge and change everything around them.

They push the humanity forward. They are ambitious,  the ones that understand that “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” Moeng One is  crafted for those that crave their own path and do not follow the crowd. It is made for leaders, Those that build  the African Dream on a global stage.

Moeng One is a deep ruby red colour with ripe BlackBerry and vanilla flavors. Balanced and soft on the palate.

Food pairing

Accompaniments for main dishes are caramelized roast veggies especially those with a touch of sweetness, such as roast squash, red peppers and beets and – as mentioned above – fried or grilled mushrooms. Because of its inherent sweetness it also works well with foods that have a touch of spiciness and smoked pepper: dishes such as blackened fish or jambalaya.

Pairs well with richly sauced dishes such as steak. Pair with softer poultry and meats on the sweet or savoury side. Dishes like steak, pork, chicken wings, etc.

Moeng One  also works with the anise flavour of five spice and fennel.

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