Dry white wine with fruit flavours of pear and apple with hints of lemon and mineral. Wonderfully crisp acidity, complemented by loads of citrus fruit flavours and zesty acidity. Fuller bodied and more aromatic


Genesis – the origin or mode of formation of something. Inspired by the book of Genesis and creation of life, the Moeng Genesis bottle aims at inspiring the creative nature of individuals as the words ‘creating’ means ‘living’ or ‘bringing to life’.

We say the beginning is now, to those that take calculated risks to add value to the wider society. Those that understand that they have to be START to be GREAT.

The African Dream is rooted in Africa starting to recognize her strengths and producing jewels from her reserves, jewels that raise her people to great heights.

Moeng Genesis stands for the beginning of phenomenal growth and greatness

Moeng Genesis is crisp, full-bodied with rich aromas. Refreshing citrus flavour and zesty acidity. Richness, breadth across the palate.

Food pairing

With its zesty and refreshing acidity pairs well with fresh vegetables, raw fish and lighter meals. White meats including Chicken and Turkey. Cured/spiced meats made from pork and duck.


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